Life Alive is an organic vegetarian cafe with five locations in the Boston, Massachusets area. Utilizing holistic design across multiple messaging channels to promote personal and planetary wellness, we are creating environments that promote healthy living in busy urban neighborhoods.

​Our goal was to create a space that disrupts the wellness landscape and shapes the next evolution of fast casual. Affordable, whole food meals that are scratch-made to order, but prepared and delivered to table at the speed of standard fast casual, in an environment and experience that truly defines full circle wellness. 


The color palette is inspired by vibrant and harmonic living with the seven chakras as our guide for balance and holistic wellness. Bright colors that reference nature but are also calming for the eyes were carefully considered to create mood. Deep blues in secluded spaces that are quieter and allow a sense of escape, bright yellows at the front entry doors greet you, welcoming shades of green at the registers, with silver and reflective touches that contrast and cut through all of the natural wood and color. 


The brand’s commitment to supporting planetary wellness granted us the freedom to specify materials such as reclaimed, zero-waste teak flooring and renewable cork wall covering, and work with local vendors to create other sustainable solutions. This included custom, hand touched features and familiar styling reminiscent of home. A free-spirited, non-alcoholic wellness cocktail bar was also an important part of this design to message. Life Alive is a place that inspires connection to yourself, others, community, and the world.

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