We began drawing illustrations by hand and developing the sub-iconography and palette to create a flexible visual communication system that is recognizable without a logo or adhering to a single brand color. We translated these designs to develop the packaging and collateral, but also collaborated with artists and makers to create thoughtful, hand touched versions in the space. The hand is present everywhere and conveys a place and a brand that is made by real people, not a corporate entity, a place that brings joy and inspires creativity and authentic expression through wonder, discovery and delight.

The identity was inspired by both the culinary vision and mission-driven values of the brand. The objective was to construct a brand that is thoughtfully engaged and highly passionate. The color palette is inspired by vibrant and harmonic living with the seven chakras as our guide for balance and holistic wellness. The palette is fluid across all aspects of the visual identity, including social media, creating a cohesive color story across the brand experience.

Life Alive is an organic vegetarian cafe with five locations in the Boston, Massachusets area. Utilizing holistic design across multiple messaging channels to promote personal and planetary wellness, we are creating environments that promote healthy living in busy urban neighborhoods.